Guide for Refrigerator manufacturers - how to find high end refrigerators

Refrigerator manufacturersRefrigerators are quite essential in today's households and yet with all the choices available out in the market, looking for the right one may be a bit difficult. Which is why before you look at high end refrigerators, you may first want to learn about the different Refrigerator manufacturers and their strengths and weaknesses. You do not want to spend an arm and a leg for an icebox that does not fit your needs and you also do not want to plunk down cash for an icebox that has way more functions than you could ever figure out. Below, you will find some of the top Refrigerator manufacturers that you are likely to encounter when looking for refrigerators for sale.
These Refrigerator manufacturers  are well known for the quality of the refrigerators they make. When you consider the refrigerators for sale that these brands offer, you can never go wrong. They may be pricier than some of the other less well-known brands but they do give you great value for your money.

Here are the best  Refrigerator manufacturers 

Bosch Fridges
This is a German Brand and it offers consumers several ranges of fridge freezers. To date, they have the Classixx, the Logixx, the Exxcel, and the Avantixx ranges. Bosch is in the same family as fridge brands like Siemens and Neff. When it comes to pricing, they products usually cost between GBP300 and GBP500; although some really high end products may cost as much as GBP 1200.
Freezers from Bosch generally do well in Fridge or Freezer tests and this is especially true when it comes to freezer and fridge stability. This is important because you do not want to constantly adjust the thermostat if the temperature drops or goes up. This is highly convenient for people who live in areas with extreme weather changes as it makes handling their food storage a lot easier.

Samsung Refrigerators
Samsung is a Korean brand that offers consumers quite an impressive range of refrigerators. They claim these appliances are able to combine a cooling technology with a design that is wholly innovative so you are able to enjoy a sophisticated and eco-friendly icebox. Their most popular refrigerators are the American-Style ones that have the side by side fridge and freezer.
When it comes to pricing, Samsung models cost somewhere between GBP400 and GBP650 though there are some high end models that may cost more than that. Reports from lab tests say that when it comes to ease of defrosting and noise, the Samsung models scored really highly. They also tend to get great scores when it comes to things like temperature stability and also for having uniform fridge temperature. What this means is you need not worry about storing certain food in the proper places in your Samsung fridge. It has to be said that Samsung is one of the major players when it comes to these appliances and refrigerators for sale from this company really are quite popular.

Whirlpool Refrigerators
Whirlpool is an American brand and like the others, they also offer consumers quite a range of refrigerators and freezers and they also own the Maytag brand which is another brand of refrigerators and freezers. The refrigerators for sale from Whirlpool are somewhat cheaper than the ones from Samsung as they only cost about GBP250 to GBP 450 though the Espresso model that comes with an espresso machine costs a staggering GBP1800 which may be a bit steep for some of you.
In certain lab tests, these appliances from Whirlpool performed quite well and even got excellent scores in Fridge and Freezer temp stability. Again, the advantage in this is you do not need to constantly fiddle with the thermostat in case there is an extreme change in temperature.
When it comes to noise, they scored very well too and this means they tend to be very quiet. However, ease of defrosting is another story and they didn't score quite as well. Before you go for a Whirlpool, Check the ratings for the model online.

It has to be said that when looking for high end refrigerators, you can make your life easier by barrowing your choices by brand. Once you have done that, you can go online to look at ratings of the models you are interests in so you can see what consumers have to say about them. By a refrigerator made by one of these  Refrigerator manufacturers  is not the cheapest  investment, but it proves itself in the long run, in terms of reliability and technical support.

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